Facts About a Gastric Balloon Used in Weight Loss

A gastric balloon is a balloon which is used by people who want to lose weight. It inserted orally through the esophagus and placed directly into the stomach. During its placement, the balloon is deflated. A sterile saline solution is then put into the balloon by use of a syringe to inflate it. A gastric balloon is inflated to reach the size of a mature grapefruit. Basically, this balloon helps a person to lose weight by making the person consume a minimal amount of food. Also, the brain is trained to anticipate the time the stomach is getting full. An example of a gastric balloon is an orbera gastric balloon from dr.weintraub tampa.

A gastric balloon should remain in the stomach for at least six months before it is removed. During these six months, a person is able to lose a lot of weight since he or she does not eat much. However, you need to visit your dietician regularly during this time so that he or she can advise you on the foods to eat. Also, you should visit a fitness trainer to help you to exercises. Sometimes you may have problems of identifying when your stomach is full. A psychologist will help you to train your brain to anticipate whenever your stomach is full. A doctor should also be visited in case any complications arise during this time. 

After six months, a gastric balloon is removed from your stomach by the weight loss doctor tampa. The balloon is removed the same way it was inserted. It first deflated and then removed through the mouth. When a gastric balloon is inside your stomach, you find yourself changing the way you eat and work. You should still continue eating and working the same way even after the balloon is removed for you to maintain your desired weight.

A weight loss program involving the use of a gastric balloon should go for twelve months. So after the balloon is removed, you will remain with six months to still go on with the program. During these six months, you should visit a specialist regularly. A specialist will tell you the foods to eat and the number of times you should eat in a day. You will also need to exercise regularly during this time. Look for dieticians and fitness trainers online since they are easily available and can be of help during this time. Above is a discussion of some of the facts about a gastric balloon. Learn more about weight loss here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physical_fitness.
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